Plastelinčica in časopis (Little Clayo and the Newspaper), 2022

Little Clayo of the Clay family is learning about culture from newspapers and the metaphor of time. Mrs Clay gives answers to her question: “What is culture?” Together with her friend Cleo, they make newspaper toys that are true works of art. Their charming world is a tribute to the newspaper culture.

Alenka Spacal made all the pieces painted here from plasticine. Little Clayo and the Newspaper is her fifth original picture book.

Little Beanie Belle Runs from the Bean Soup, 2019

Original title: Fižolčica beži pred fižolovo juho

Translated by: Tadeja Spruk

Little Beanie Belle Runs from the Bean Soup is an original picture book about a little bean’s journey. Little Beanie Belle escapes from a bowl of beans intended for hot bean soup. As she runs, rolling about on the floor and surveying the world around her from below, nothing but legs surround her. This is to mimic the perspective of children exploring their surroundings as they play and crawl about on the floor, looking up with curiosity. Whose legs does Little Beanie Belle stumble upon on her journey? Does she manage to run away from the bean soup? As the seasons revolve, Little Beanie Belle’s adventures end where a new bean story is just beginning.

The book is in all capital letters. It is intended for young children and beginning readers.

Modre ptičje misli (Blue Bird Wisdoms), 2018

The picture book Blue Bird Wisdoms brings together nine witty bird stories. Some of the little blue-feathered characters are learning to read, others are doing homework or cleaning, still others dream of tie-shaped toys, mother’s kisses or holidays.

Are you waiting for the holidays with the Blue Heron and the Blackcap? Do you want to know how the little Blue Jay is learning to read? Do you know yet how the little Magpie is learning bluebird wisdoms by heart for her homework? And how the little Blue Tit cleans itself? Do you know the Shoebill’s beak and the wisdom of the Blue Rock Thrush? Do you think the Blue-Winged Goose prefers to walk or fly? Do you want to get a kiss just like the little Bluethroat gets from its mother? Can you guess what the little Blue-Grey Tanager can do with a tie? Do you have any idea why the little Asian Fairy Bluebird goes to school? All of these secrets and many other tricks will be revealed in Blue Bird Wisdoms.

Kako ti je ime? (What’s Your Name?), 2018

What’s Your Name? is a picture book about a small snail that has just crawled into this world and doesn’t have a name yet. It tries to choose its name by talking to the animals that it meets on its path and learns about them and their names. “Some of us are named after fruit or colours, others after saints, grandmothers or famous artists,” says the Nut Weevil. What kind of a name should a small snail choose when it doesn’t even know its sex? It doesn’t feel like a snail girl or a snail boy. The tiny snail creature wants a name that would suit both a girly snailboy or a boyish snailgirl. The concept of a name turns out to be a very important gender topic. A name is usually given only after the sex can be clearly identified.

The picture book is a special kind of ABC for children in the pre-reading and early-reading period. It can be used as an early reading material. In addition to names of less common animals, the children learn about the letters of the alphabet. The letters do not follow the usual order, but are playfully arranged, following the stories of the animals appearing in the picture book.