Bajalka is dedicated to developing contemporary storytelling as the art of narrating original stories.

We promote reading, storytelling and art culture among children by delivering the spoken word together with illustrations. We organise storytellings in libraries, schools, kindergartens, galleries and various events with programmes for younger audiences. Children are our primary focus, as they are only beginning to discover the world of fairytales. We stimulate the child’s imagination and creativity through literary and fine art.

Storytelling by Alenka Spacal

Storyteller Alenka Spacal writes, illustrates and narrates her own stories. She writes the text through the eyes of a storyteller. She narrates her stories to children through her original illustrations, showing them how picture books are made. She also presents the creative process that begins with writing and illustrating in her studio, after which the picture book is designed on a computer and sent to the printer’s.